Guiding an innovative, transformative New American University


Internationally acclaimed authorities in their fields, members of the Arizona State University leadership team continue to redefine higher education and the critical role it plays in our global future. Guiding the university’s vision is Michael M. Crow, who has earned worldwide recognition for his transformative leadership from such news journals as Time magazine, U.S. News & World Report, The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, Christian Science Monitor and more.

The Arizona Board of Regents is a 12-member board created under the Arizona Constitution as the governing body for the State of Arizona's public university system, which includes Arizona State University美女视频图片, Northern Arizona University and the University of Arizona.


Michael Crow

University provost and deans

Mark Searle

Stefanie Lindquist

Mark Jacobs

Vice Provost and Dean

Amy Hillman


Steven Tepper


Kyle Squires


Elizabeth Wentz

Vice Provost and Dean

Christopher Boone


Deborah Helitzer


Jeffrey Cohen


Duane Roen

Vice Provost and Dean

Christopher Callahan

Interim Dean

Douglas Sylvester


Patrick Kenney


Nancy Gonzales


Todd Sandrin

Vice Provost and Dean

Judith Karshmer


Philip Regier

University Dean of Educational Initiatives and CEO for EdPlus

Jonathan Koppell



Carole Basile


Director General and Dean

Sukhwant Jhaj

Vice Provost and Dean

University Administration

Julie Young

Vice President

Morgan Olsen

Executive Vice President, Treasurer and Chief Financial Officer

Colleen Jennings-Roggensack

Vice President of Cultural Affairs, Executive Dir. of ASU Gammage

James Rund

Senior Vice President

Edmundo Hidalgo

Vice President, Educational Outreach Partnerships

Vice President of Student Services

Beatriz Rendon

Vice President, Educational Outreach

Ann Toca

Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer

Daniel Dillon

Chief Executive Officer

Maria Anguiano

Senior Vice President for Strategy

Christian Osmena

Vice President, Enterprise Planning

Joanne Wamsley

Vice President,Finance and Deputy Treasurer

Bruce Nevel

美女视频图片Facilities Development and Management

Vice President

José Cárdenas

Senior Vice President and General Counsel

Lisa Loo

Vice President for Legal Affairs and Deputy General Counsel

Matt Salmon

Vice President of Government Affairs

Kevin Salcido

Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer

Neal Woodbury

Interim Executive Vice President

Katie Paquet

Vice President

Matthew Smith

Vice President, Budget Planning and Management

Christine Wilkinson

Senior Vice President President, ASU Alumni Association

Jim O'Brien

Senior Vice President and
Chief of Staff

Ray Anderson

Athletic Director and Vice President

Nichol Luoma

Vice President, University Business Services/CPO

Senior Vice President and University Planner

Peter Schlosser

Vice President and Vice Provost

Kent Hopkins

Vice President, Enrollment Services

John Creer

Vice President, Real Estate

Lev Gonick

Chief Information Officer

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